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German engineering and professional design

Motor Al O-8 

Our motors made of polished aluminium with a very decorative rotor are self speaking: these are the premium motors.  

The acrylic mirror round blanc is protected by hardened glas.

Its part of our outgoing control to run the motor in the shine of a big tealight.

 Even the aluminium motors are available as kits.  Our building instruction explains step by step. The instructions are illustrated by more the 70 pictures and a lot of comments that result from the experience of building many motors. Some work steps are already done that requires special help constructions.( for example: drilling a place for the steel ball in the centre line of the axis). Facing a fault all single part can be ordered and will be sent fast.



Al O-8
$ 399,00

plus shipping $ 13,80

Al O-8
$ 349,00

plus shipping $ 13,80